What is Forum Theatre?


Whether it is highlighting change in legislation, best practice, diversity, bullying or inadequate customer service, Forum theatre is a highly effective style of training involving the use of business-savvy actors. It comprises a specially tailored scene based on the context of your world, and through a process of stopping, starting and rewinding the action, allows your staff to draw out key learning points, while enabling them to fix it with their own suggestions and participation. With experiential training the learning endures long after power point presentations and text have been forgotten.

Richard specialises in writing crisp, evocative and humourous forum theatre scripts that elicit key discussions and facilitate change through the staff's first-hand experience. Rather than tell them what the solution to the problem is, we let them originate the solution collectively in order that they have a sense of ownership curing the problem.


A typical process would involve a preliminary chat with yourselves, followed by a day's diagnostic of your key challenges/themes which takes place at your office; then the development of a forum theatre script, followed by the event itself. Professional business actors are also provided. 


Clients include the FSA (Financial Services Authority), BRE (Better Regulation Executive), Pearson Publishing in the U.S, Shell, Regester Larkin, Dramatic Training Solutions. and Capstone Intl.